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Just when you thought Monopoly couldn’t get better, it has. The latest edition just released highlights the “West’s Most Western Town”: Scottsdale.  The Scottsdale city edition game was created under license from Hasbro. 


The board game's Atlantic City squares (from Boardwalk to Park Place) have been replaced with Scottsdale cultural sites, historic landmarks, and iconic businesses including WESTERN SPIRIT, Scottsdale's Museum of the West.

MONOPOLY - Scottsdale Edition

SKU: 885996005860
  • Grab your friends and family to explore more of your favorite things to see and do in the Scottsdale Edition of MONOPOLY

    • Game Board
    • 8 tokens
    • 28 Title Deed Cards
    • 16 Chance Cards
    • 16 Community Chest cards
    • 1 Pack of Monopoly Money
    • 32 houses
    • 12 hotels
    • 2 dice and instructions