Dos Damas Designs is a family-run business based in Arizona, and each piece is handcrafted in The Copper State. Inherent ingredients in the copper, verdigris application techniques and desert weather all play a part in creating the unique patina of each ornament. Artistically manipulated bends and creases bring the designs to life. Use your imagination to display them year-round. Hang them on a window with a mini suction cup, or drape one over the neck of a wine bottle. Try them as a gift wrap embellishment for a special present or as a napkin ring accent at dinner. The possibilities are endless.

Roadrunner Copper Ornament

SKU: RO-28
    • Approximately 7.75 x 2.5 inches (WxH)

    • Made in the USA (Arizona)

    • Comes with attached copper hanger